Interventions is a specialist journal that focuses on theories of colonialism, settler colonialism, occupation, decoloniality and postcolonialism

• The histories, impact, and long-term effects of imperialism and colonialism on all aspects of society
• The role of culture in the operation of imperialism and in the formations of national resistance
• Contemporary Marxist philosophy and related cultural theory
• The economics of neo-colonialism and neoliberalism and their effects on the global South
• Liberation struggles, past and ongoing, including African-American activism and theory
• The political and cultural politics of Indigenous, “fourth-world”, and nomadic peoples
• The philosophy and theory of indigeneity
• Genocide, conflict intervention and resolution, human rights and humanitarian ethics
• Contemporary slavery
• Diaspora, migration, immigration, refugees, camps and detention centres
• Ecological imperialism, violence, and activist counter-strategies
• The role of religion and culture in contemporary political formations
• Philosophies of religion and secularism
• Cultural and global issues in law, colonial law, occupier law
• The contemporary politics of race, caste and ethnicity; indigeneity; gender and sexuality
• Languages, especially “minor” languages, and translation
• Philosophy of translation and translation theory
• Theoretical, philosophical, and analytical questions of postcolonial and world literatures, art, photography, cinema and music.

Interventions is published 8 times a year