Postcolonialism – An Historical Introduction

This seminal work—now available in a 15th anniversary edition with a new preface—is a thorough introduction to the historical and theoretical origins of postcolonial theory.

  • Provides a clearly written and wide-ranging account of postcolonialism, empire, imperialism, and colonialism, written by one of the leading scholars on the topic
  • Details the history of anti-colonial movements and their leaders around the world, from Europe and Latin America to Africa and Asia
  • Analyzes the ways in which freedom struggles contributed to postcolonial discourse by producing fundamental ideas about the relationship between non-western and western societies and cultures
  • Offers an engaging yet accessible style that will appeal to scholars as well as introductory students


Chinese (traditional) translation of
Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction
trans. Su Feng Chou & Jubo Chen
Taipei, Taiwan, Chu Liu Book Company, 2006)

Korean translation of Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction:
Seoul: Park Jongcheol Publishing Co, 2005

Croatian translation: A serialisation of Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction was broadcast on Hrvatski Croatian Radio III Program,
in five parts, 21 August-25 September, 2002.

French Translation: Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction
Chapter translated into French by Martin Mégevand as
‘Subjectivité et Histoire: Derrida en Algérie’,
Littérature 154 (2009), 135-48

Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction
Greek translation, Athens, Patakis Publications, 2008

Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction
Indonesian translation forthcoming (Lembaga Kajian Islam dan Sosial)

Swedish translation: Final chapter of Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction in ‘Subjektivet och historia: Derrida i Algeriet’, Ord & Bild 1-2 (2003), 115-31