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Robert JC Young   New York Poco

An Evening with Michael Ondaatje        1/5

I paid $15 for ‘An Evening with Michael Ondaatje’. Ondaatje came to do a reading and a signing of his new book Divisadero (Alfred A. Knopf, 2007) at a meeting of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, held at the Moti Hasson Gallery in Chelsea.

the approach
As we walked along 25th Street, every gallery seemed to be having an opening or a reception, with people tumbling out from the white lighted spaces of the galleries into the public exhibition space of the street. You could find a party every night just by walking down there. Despite the various attractions on offer, we stuck to our purpose and made our way to the Moti Hasson Gallery. Two women at a desk ticked off our names on a list. When I gave my name and one of them asked if it began with a J, I knew that we were in a different cultural space.

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